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Maid Name
Yuliyanti Rahayu (Yuli)
Ref. Code
Ex Singapore
Rest Day Preference
End Dec 2019
Date of Birth
06/10/1982 (age: 37 yrs)
Place of Birth
160 cm / 65 kg
Marital Status
High School (10~12 yrs)
Language Skill
English (Excellent, 0 yrs)
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (Excellent, 0 yrs)
& Experience
Care for Infant/Children   -
Care for Elderly   -
Care for Disabled   -
General Housework   -
Cooking   -
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Working Experience
Singapore 16 yr 7 mo
Maid Introduction
Work Proficiency  
  Very Good Good Can Learn Comments
General Housekeeping     Yuli started doing housekeeping at a Priest's house since 9yrs old. Has 15 yrs of experience in S'pore dealing with employers of various nationalities. Most of them were happy with how she ran the house with little supervision.
Care For Young Children     Most of her employers said Yuli is a very good and caring person. Has at least 12 yrs of experience with young kids of various nationalities. Employer had no worry putting their children under her care. She is fully familiar with their every need.
Care for Infant     She's good in handling newborn. In her 2nd employment, they tried to bring her back to US. But she stayed for 1 month only (not used to the environment)
Cooking     Yuli loves cooking! She learnt many cuisines - S'pore, Chinese, Thai, Indian etc & is now very good in all types especially Western cooking. She can cook so well that employer told her no need to attend any cooking class. She's also a fan of Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Ina Garten & Donna Hay etc
Care For Elderly/Disabled     No experience in taking care of elderly in Singapore. But she took care of her parent, foster parents & grandma many years ago in her hometown.
Employment Record  
From To Employer
House Type
For Leaving
Dec 2002 June 2005 Chinese Singaporean HDB Household chores, cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids(7, 8 & 10yrs old), & marketing grocery. Finished 2yrs 6mths Contract.
June 2005 Sept 2009 American Chinese Condo Household chores, cleaning, cooking, marketing, taking care of a new born baby & 2 yrs old kid & a puppy Finished 2 yrs 3 mths contract in S'pore. Went to US together with employer, not used to the new environment & culture therefore came back after a month.
Sept 2014 July 2016 Scottish Condo Household chores, cleaning, cooking, marketing, taking care of 3 kids(a pair of twin 9 & 11 yrs old) & a dog. Finished 2 yrs Contract. Relocated. (still keeping in-touch via Whats'App)
July 2016 Mar 2019 Irish Condo Household chores, cleaning, cooking, marketing, grocery, taking care of 3 kids (8, 9 & 11yrs old) & a dog. Finished 2 yrs 8 mths Contract.
 Yuli has very good experience with a whole range of expat employers. She can produce good References, letters & 'Thank You" notes from at least 6 or 7 of these happy employers. She is Christian, has more than 15 yrs H'keeping experience with a wide array of expat families, has at least 12 yrs experience with young kids, is extremely fond of dogs & is a very good cook. She is familiar with all types of cuisines, baking, grilling, menu planning, table setting AND is a big fan of Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsey, Ina Garten & Donna Hay etc. She will be a perfect fit for any expat family who requires a helper of ready-on-day-one calibre. Despite her vast experience, Yuli is very grounded though. She's humble, polite, still has that want to learn attitude. This may be partly due to her very humble beginnings - she was given up for adoption (due to poverty) since age 9 to a Christian priest. This family took advantage of her & treated her as a slave for the family throughout her school years. She finally left them at age 19 & went back home to her real parents who she had kept clueless, about her plight. From these humble beginnings, she rose to her current level of expertise thru sheer grit & hard work. When you speak to her you'll realise why she was paid $800 by her previous employer. She's worth every dime. She seeks Sundays & Ph off is avail End Dec.
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