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Maid Name
Nurul Khasanah (Nur)
Ref. Code
Base Salary
S$650 with 4 rest days per month
Rest Day Preference
weekly rest days per month
Date of Birth
13/05/1986 (age: 30 yrs)
Place of Birth
155 cm / 50 kg
Marital Status
1 (age 7)
Secondary level (8~9 yrs)
Language Skill
English (Excellent, 0 yrs)
Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (Excellent, 0 yrs)
& Experience
Care for Infant/Children   -
Care for Elderly   -
Care for Disabled   -
General Housework   -
Cooking   -
Other Information
Able to handle pork?
Able to eat pork?
Able to handle beef?
Able to care dog/cat?
Able to do gardening work?
Able to do simple sewing?
Willing to wash car?
Willing to work on off days with compensation?
Working Experience
Singapore 4 yr
Maid Introduction
Work Proficiency  
  Very Good Good Can Learn Comments
General Housekeeping     I like to keeping but things nicely. i can't stand when it dusty or the house is messy when the house is clean i work feel happy and especially the toilets must be clean because a kids like of the soap and i feel is dangerous.
Care For Young Children     For children i really like so much, actually is not easy to take care kids also i always get the naughty kids and no body can handle off them but i just smile and kids need to make the feeling happy, i never force them to change or not naughty but i talk and show them what they must do and they will listen and do Little by little to understand.
Care for Infant     I look after my own baby before.
Cooking     Cooking i like to cooking each time when i just work my boss always never eat at home, after i cooking for my kids my boss trying then they say "Oh your cooking it's not bad and after they like and ask me to cook for them when my Grandma cooking i like to busybody to asked how to cooking from her.
Care For Elderly/Disabled     I have no experience before as the Grandma & Grandpa is still active do things them self.
Employment Record  
From To Employer
House Type
For Leaving
Aug 2012 Oct 2013 Chinese HDB Housekeeping, cooking, look after 2kids age 8 & 10yrs old. Worked for 1yr & 2mths, Going back home.
Dec 2013 Aug 2014 Chinese HDB & Bungalow Housekeeping, cooking, sometimes work in Malaysia as well. Worked for 8mths, can't work to much in Malaysia very tiring.
Sept 2014 Present Chinese HDB Housekeeping, cooking, look after kids age 8 & 6 yrs old. Finishing 2yrs contract.
 Nurul is a 30 yr old divorcee. Was forced into an arranged marriage which did not work from day one. She ended up doing odd jobs to survive as her husband did not contribute & had many other women on the side. When her son was 3 yrs old, she divorced her husband, handed her son over to her sister & decided to come here to work. Been here nearly 4 yrs. 1st empl kept shuttling her betw Spore & their bungalow house in M'sia, 2nd employer left the country after 1 yr & is now finishing her 2 yr contract with her current employer. Has enjoyed very good relations with her current Mam, Sir & the Granny too but she feels she wishes to move on for more experience. Comes across as a very bubbly & cheerful lady. Loves kids & relates well, is a good cook too. Wishes to work another 4 yrs, build her own home from scratch then go back & open a food business as she has experience doing that before. Nur will be avail in the near future (empl has started looking for a new maid to replace her) & is seeking $650 with Sundays off. EL1/CK1/NB1/KD1/EC2/DG2/BH2/RP (will get).
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License: 10C3324
License# 10C3324
Email happymaidshappyhomes@gmail.com
Website http://hmhh.netmaid.com.sg

Address 545 Orchard Road,
#03-29 and #03-04B, (2 facing offices)
Far East Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238882
Open Every other day: 10:00am to 6:00pm,
Public Holidays: By Appointment only
Tel 6884 7552
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Last updated on 2016-06-12 14:57:43 +0800
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